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Well, I think there is no proper WebKit tutorial available as WebKit gets updated almost every day and it is very hard to maintain any such tutorial. What we have is the tech talks, blog posts, etc written by WebKit experts. I have just categorized these posts/tech talks to make it easy reference material. webkit.org also has a technical articles section where you can find useful WebKit articles including some of the posts I mentioned below:

For Beginners:
For those who don’t know how browsers work, refer browser internals:
* How Browsers Work: behind the scenes of modern web browsers

For those who don’t know anything about WebKit:
* Wikipedia
* First page on official WebKit site.

New WebKit developers, start here:
* How WebKit Loads a Web Page – Explains how WebCore, the main rendering component of WebKit, is involved in the loading process.
* Rendering in Webkit(Video) – An excellent tech talk by Eric Seidel explaining how WebKit actually renders a page.
* WebKit Wiki!

Very useful series of posts by Dave Hyatt:
WebCore Rendering I – The Basics
WebCore Rendering II – Blocks and Inlines
WebCore Rendering III – Layout Basics
WebCore Rendering IV – Absolute/Fixed and Relative Positioning
WebCore Rendering V – Floats
Render Layers and The Rendering paths – “WebKit Rendering Basics” section explains it very well.

3D Transforms
CSS Canvas Drawing
CSS Masks
CSS Reflections
CSS Transforms
CSS Animation
CSS3 Gradients
Styling Scrollbars
CSS3 Borders and Backgrounds
Educating people about CSS units

Feature Specific:
The HTML5 Parsing Algorithm
WebKit Page Cache I – The Basics
WebKit Page Cache II – The unload Event
MathML in WebKit
WebGL in WebKit
HTML5 Media Support
Client-side database storage
HTML5 async and defer script attributes.
Ruby Rendering in WebKit

Introducing SquirrelFish Extreme, advanced JavaScript engine
JavaScriptCore, the WebKit JS implementation
V8 Binding Explained

Understanding HTML, XML and XHTML
     * Chromium Design Documents
     * Video – Painting in Chromium
     * Video – WebKit for Chromium Developers

WebKit Coding Style Guidelines
RefPtr and PassRefPtr Basics – Pair of class templates, RefPtr and PassRefPtr that implement this scheme for WebCore’s intrusive reference counting.
Hashtables, Part 1 , Hashtables, Part 2 – Explains Hash tables, one of the most important basic data structures in a web browser.
Contributing Code

Layout Tests: Theory
Layout Tests: Practice
The Acid 3 Test

I hope you find it useful.

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